Hillary Davies

Healing Works

Therapeutic Massage

Tigger Point Therapy
Energy Work

Hillary’s clients cover a wide spectrum of men, women, teenagers and the elderly from office workers who sit at a desk all day to very athletic people who sometimes experience injuries.   Hillary brings a unique combination of experience, intuition, and compassion to every session.  Clients have commented that they feel totally comfortable with her, and are impressed that she will research other modalities and practitioners to ensure that their specific needs are fully addressed.  They are grateful for the freedom they receive from recurring pain and mobility issues along with the relaxation and the better sleep that follows.


“My life experiences lead me to appreciate the benefits of massage therapy.  I am passionate in my support for alternative medicine and assisting others in experiencing the benefits of bodywork.  I believe my clients appreciate that I am able to blend several massage techniques as well as energy work to help each of them achieve their goals.  I take pride in working closely with my clients to unweave their body issues and open them to other possibilities both physical and mental.” - Hillary Davies, LMP LMT BA